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SkyRank Certification and Republishing
SkyRank Ratings and Data
About SkyRank Products and Services
The SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings is a patented, unbiased algorithm, specifically designed to rate hedge funds.
About SkyRank Ratings and Data
SkyRank receives data directly from thousands of hedge funds directly and also utilizes external databases, administrators and third parties to rate over 7500 hedge funds, funds of funds and commodity trading advisors. Data and ratings are typically updated and published monthly. Subscribers to the SkyRank website may access over 50 data fields and up to 12 SkyRank Ratings per fund and are able to sort by all of the fields and search for content. Clients may also purchase the actual data which includes historical performance and AUM information going back to 1991. Please contact us to learn about pricing for the SkyRank database.
About SkyRank Certification and Republishing
Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds and CTAs utilize SkyRank Certification to demonstrate the high quality of their funds to existing and potential investors. Funds who certify their funds also purchase rights to republish any of their ratings in marketing materials, on their company website or in other publications. Please contact us to learn more about SkyRank Certification.
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