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Recent Articles

8/2/2008 - SkyRank PROFILE Focus Point Press, Emerging Manager Focus
Anything but Rank-and-File: Joe Omansky, CEO, SkyFund LLC
By BRIAN O'CONNOR, Managing Editor Emerging Manager Focus
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2/4/2006 - SkyRank Comments in Wall Street Journal
Dissecting Hedge-Fund Secrets
Wealth-Managers Say SEC-Required Revelations Won't Replace Due Diligence
By ELEANOR LAISE and RACHEL EMMA SILVERMAN, Staff Reporters of Wall Street Journal
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12/12/2005 - SkyRank Comments in InvestmentNews.com
Hedge funds increase use of 'side pocket' investments
By Jeff Benjamin
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11/07/2005 - SkyRank Comments in The Wall Street Journal
Has Eight Ball Slipped Into the 'Side Pocket'?
More Hedge Funds Use Accounts That Restrict Access
of Clients, Provoking Concerns Over Returns
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09/28/2005 - SkyRank Comments in The Wall Street Journal
Street Sleuth - Race to Rate Hedge Funds Begins in Heavy Fog
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06/06/2005 - Editorial from SkyRank's Creator
Graduating To Lower Risk Through Hedge Funds
by Joseph Omansky, Creator of the SkyRank System
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02/15/2005 - Editorial from SkyRank Alliance member Try Enterprises
A revolution in risk-reward, More Structured Products Contemplations
by Ron Yair, Try Enterprises
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02/10/2005 - SkyRank Comments in The Wall Street Journal
Street Sleuth - When Even Stock Stars Get Clipped
Demise of Lyceum Capital Shows Mutual-Fund Skills Can Fail in Hedge World
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12/2004 - SkyRank Challenges Times Summary of Burton G. Malkiel Study
Those lofty reported returns show that hedge funds are more skilled at managing data than managing money, a study says
An Economic Scene article in the New York Times, Thursday, December 9 Business Section, by Alan B. Krueger, summarizes the results of a study by Burton G. Malkiel, a professor at Princeton University. There are numerous inaccuracies and false assumptions in the study regarding the hedge fund industry.
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11/30/2004 - SkyRank Comments in the Financial Times
The trend for private equity firms to establish their own hedge funds is growing, reports Brian Bollen.
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09/24/2004 - SkyRank Comments to the SEC
Joseph Omansky Comments To SEC On Requirement Of Hedge Fund Registration
As many hedge funds represent an investment option with unique advantages, often exhibiting lower risk and higher risk-adjusted returns to traditional investments, we support the mandatory registration of hedge funds for the following reasons...
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08/2004 - SkyRank Comments in Global Pensions Magazine
Global Pensions Magazine, August, 2004
Pension funds should without question be allocating a larger percentage of their funds to the right type of hedge funds, fund of funds, and investable hedge fund index products, says Joseph Omansky ...
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09/14/2003 - SkyRank Comments in Institutional Investor
Funds of Funds May Feel Investor Angst From Spitzer Probe
Investors and their advisors should find out if their investments have exposure to the asset class, said Joe Omansky ...
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