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01/06/2005 - Alternative Asset Center Chooses SkyRank as Data Vendor

East Brunswick, NJ - Alternative Asset Center (AAC) recently chose the New Jersey-based SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings as a data vendor of AAC hedge fund and fund of fund data. The SkyRank System bundles AAC data with SkyRank ratings to its clients.

"The SkyRank System provides an important service to the alternative investment community providing a standard rating methodology for the industry. AAC actively supports SkyRank and we are excited about their client reach to help deliver our fund of fund data to the industry," said Nicolas Berner of AAC.

"We are pleased about the close relationship we have formed with AAC. Their growing hedge fund database is unique in its flexibility and their fund of fund database is unprecedented in the industry, " said Joseph Omansky, President of Sky Fund LLC, the parent company of the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings.

Joseph Omansky went on to add that hedge fund data providers, analysis companies, and investable index platforms all are unique in the hedge fund industry to that of financial services overall. He added that SkyRank has other pending deals and that he looks forward to the company's current, pending and future relationships with such important players.

About the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings

The SkyRank System, patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is the most comprehensive hedge fund rating methodology in the industry, now rating over 4500 hedge funds and 1200 funds of hedge funds. The System utilizes a complex algorithm to reveal a simple hedge fund rating that rewards those hedge funds that are established, credible, and able to consistently reduce risk over time with attractive returns.

In addition to its well-known services such as Hedge Fund Ratings and Data Subscriptions, and the SkyRank Certification Program, the SkyRank System now offers several other applications of its methodology, including Structured Products and Subadvisory Hedge Fund Management. For more information about the SkyRank System, visit us at www.SkyRankSystem.com, or email us at info@skyfundllc.com.

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