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03/04/2005 - SkyRank To Rate HedgeFund.net Tuna® Averages

New York, NY, March 4, 2005 - The SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings and HedgeFund.net, a division of Channel Capital Group Inc, are pleased to announce SkyRank Ratings of the HedgeFund.Net Tuna Averages.

HedgeFund.Net users can now see these benchmarks based upon the SkyRank proprietary methodology that rewards credible hedge funds that have indicated an ability to reduce risk at attractive returns over time. The Lettered SkyRank Rating is displayed with a relative ranking of the averages based upon their ratings.

Recognized as the standard rating methodology in the hedge fund industry, the SkyRank System is excited to be working with such a high quality data provider.

“I’ve seen a number of hedge fund data sources, and HedgeFund.Net is among the best. The Tuna Averages are really all-encompassing, and that presents tremendous opportunities on a number of levels,” commented Joseph Omansky, creator of the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings.

The Tuna Average SkyRank Rating uses the SkyRank System to rate all the individual hedge funds in the HedgeFund.net database for the purposes of compiling the ratings of each single strategy Tuna Average. Absolute SkyRank is adapted to display the relative attractiveness of the Tuna Averages as determined by SkyRank over various timeframes.

“An extensive amount of research on hedge fund performance has gone into the development of the SkyRank Rating system. We have found SkyRank to be a unique and useful lens through which the relative attractiveness of hedge fund sectors may be viewed,” commented Joel Schwab, Managing Director of the HedgeFund.net Database.

About the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings

The SkyRank System, patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is the most comprehensive hedge fund rating methodology in the industry, now rating over 4500 hedge funds and 1200 funds of hedge funds. The System utilizes a complex algorithm to reveal a simple hedge fund rating that rewards those hedge funds that are established, credible, and able to consistently reduce risk over time with attractive returns. In addition to its well-known services such as Hedge Fund Ratings and Data Subscriptions, and the SkyRank Certification Program, the SkyRank System now offers several other applications of its methodology, including Structured Products and Subadvisory Hedge Fund Management. For more information about the SkyRank System, visit us at www.SkyRankSystem.com, or email us at info@skyfundllc.com.  Visit us on www.hedgefund.net or www.skyranksystem.com.

About HedgeFund.net

HedgeFund.net (HFN) is the leading source for hedge fund news and performance data on the Web. Investors who meet HFN’s accreditation standards are eligible for access to the site's database of more than 4,200 hedge funds, funds-of-funds and CTAs. The site serves a rapidly growing user base of more than 42,000 accredited investors worldwide. Registered users include high-net-worth individuals, family offices, funds-of-funds, foundations, endowments, and pension funds. Investors use HFN as an invaluable source for up-to-the-minute news, useful commentary and performance data on hedge funds. Fund managers who list their information on the site can opt for various levels of transparency and visibility to our accredited investor user base. HedgeFund.net is owned by Channel Capital Group Inc. For more information or to register, please go to www.hedgefund.net.

SkyRank - Joseph Omansky (908) 331-3478
HedgeFund.net - Joel Schwab (212) 381-8065

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