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4/1/2008 - SkyRank Adds Headstart to Diversified Fund of Funds Report

East Brunswick, NJ - 4/1/2008 - The SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings recently added Headstart Fund of Funds to its Offshore Diversified Fund of Funds Report that is published monthly. There are currently ten funds on the Report with another eight to be contacted that SkyRank believes qualify for inclusion. The published report is sorted by 1-year, 3-year and 5-year annualized and compounded returns and also includes SkyRank Ratings on all of the funds. The report is delivered to over 9,000 accredited investors, hedge fund, fund of fund and commodity trading advisor firms worldwide. In order for funds to qualify to be included on the Report they must have 100+ underlying hedge funds, 10+ strategies, 3+ strategies in Long-Short Equity, Event Driven, Directional Trading, Relative Value, or Special Situations, $250 million in Assets Under Management, 5+ years track record, exposure in six continents, and be located offshore. SkyRank welcomes all funds meeting the requirements to send their fundsí returns and marketing materials to us for consideration.

The SkyRank System automates analysis of hedge funds in a single functional computation. A unique formula-generating system reveals a simple rating to the investor in three forms: Absolute SkyRank, Lettered SkyRank and Relative SkyRank over three time periods, 1 Year, 3 Year, and 5 Years. The Composite SkyRank Rating is a weighted average of the three SkyRank Time Periods applying more importance to more recent return and volatility data. The SkyRank System evaluates assets, time, volatility and returns to reward hedge funds that are established, credible, and consistent performers, demonstrated by their ability to exploit market inefficiencies. SkyRank rates over 9,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and ctas monthly. For more information on SkyRank or for consideration to be included in the Diversified Fund of Funds report or other SkyRank reports, please send an email to info@skyranksystem.com

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