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7/7/2009 - SkyRank System Joins SecondMarket's EcosystemTM- Will Help Bring Transparency to Illiquid Assets Trading Over SecondMarket

Princeton, NJ - 7/7/2009 - SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings, a patented hedge fund ratings methodology, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with SecondMarket (Member FINRA I MSRB I SIPC), a secondary market for a variety of illiquid asset classes. SkyRank will offer its hedge fund data, ratings and marketing services through the SecondMarket EcosystemTM, a leading network of product and service providers for buyers and sellers of illiquid assets. The Ecosystem gives firms like SkyRank the ability to set up a virtual storefront on SecondMarket's online trading platform and provide their offerings to market participants interested in illiquid assets.

SkyRank offers members of the Ecosystem hundreds of data fields and up to 12 hedge fund ratings on over 7500 hedge funds, funds of funds and commodity trading advisors. Much of the data and ratings are available for free by registering as an accredited investor at http://www.skyranksystem.com/Visitor . In addition to its patented, comprehensive, unbiased ratings and data offered to registered users of the SkyRank website, SkyRank represents several hedge funds to accredited investors. To view SkyRank's Ecosystem page, please click here. http://www.secondmarket.com/partners/skyrank-system-of-hedge-fund-ratings.html "Finding comprehensive information on opaque, illiquid assets is extremely difficult," said Barry E. Silbert, CEO of SecondMarket. "We are excited to be partnering with SkyRank. Its unique offerings will enable our participants to make well informed buy-sell decisions and continue to make SecondMarket's Ecosystem the centralized source for valuable information on illiquid assets."

"We are looking forward to delivering our hedge fund data, ratings, and marketing services to SecondMarket's extensive membership base. The simple and transparent technology that SecondMarket provides has enabled the company to become a clear leader in the industry, facilitating the trading of limited partnership interests and other illiquid securities," commented Joseph Omansky, CEO of SkyRank.

About SkyRank
Founded in 2003, Princeton-based SkyRank was the first company to rate hedge funds. The SkyRank System, a patent-approved methodology, sells data and ratings on 7500+ hedge funds, more than any other provider in the world, and the SkyRank content is viewed by over 5,000 unique visitors monthly. SkyRank clients include pension funds, funds of funds, hedge funds, major banks, and other accredited and qualified investors. For more information, contact Joseph Omansky at 732-789-8088, or visit http://www.skyranksystem.com.

About SecondMarket
Founded in 2004, New York-based SecondMarket, Inc. is the largest marketplace for illiquid assets, such as auction-rate securities, bankruptcy claims, CDOs, limited partnership interests, MBS, private company stock, restricted securities and blocks in small capitalization companies and whole loans. SecondMarket's online trading platform has 3,000 participants, including global financial institutions, hedge funds, private equity firms, mutual funds, corporations and other institutional and accredited investors that collectively manage over $1 trillion in assets available for investment. For more information, contact Mark Murphy at 212-825-1619, or visit http://www.SecondMarket.com.

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