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03/02/2005 - SkyRank Certified Status Awarded to the IIG Trade Opportunities Fund NV

East Brunswick, NJ - SkyRank is pleased to announce SkyRank Certification of the IIG Trade Opportunities Fund NV with an Absolute SkyRank of .2679 and a Lettered SkyRank of A+. IIG has received the SkyRank electronic and physical certificates which are updated quarterly. †

The SkyRank System, patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, automates analysis of hedge funds in a single functional computation utilizing over 13 interconnected formulas. The System utilizes a complex algorithm to reveal a simple rating to the investor in three forms. Absolute SkyRank is a numerical rating ranging between 0 and 5, with 0 as the most attractive and 5 as the least attractive. Lettered SkyRank translates the number to a letter ranging between A and E. Relative SkyRank displays the percentage relative attractiveness of a hedge fund compared to others. †

The SkyRank System analyzes the hedge fund industry rewarding those that are established, credible, and able to consistently reduce risk over time, at attractive returns. Only the highest SkyRanked hedge funds qualify for the SkyRank Certification Program. SkyRank is the standard in the industry, now rating over 4,500 hedge funds and 1,200 funds of hedge funds. SkyRank also rates the HedgeFund.net Tuna Averages. www.skyranksystem.com. †

The IIG Trade Opportunities Fund is an alternative investment vehicle, which offers low volatility, and investment diversification while bearing virtually no correlation to equity or fixed income markets. The Fundís investment objective is to provide superior absolute returns by investing in global trade finance transactions through a professionally managed portfolio. The assets of the portfolio are self-liquidating trade transactions. Interest, fees and profit participation income accrue to maturity, affording superior absolute returns. www.iigh.com.

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