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03/05/2005 - SkyRank and Try Enterprises Collaborate to Deliver Portfolio-Enhancing Products

NJ, March 5, 2005 Ė The SkyRank System and Try Enterprises are pleased to announce their collaborative alliance delivering portfolio-enhancing products. SkyRankís ability to analyze the hedge fund industry, identifying and rewarding funds that are established, credible and experienced exhibiting high risk-adjusted returns complements Try Enterprises unique structured products business.

Within the last twelve months, Try Enterprises has been responsible for the structuring of very many unique products spanning the equity, fixed income, and alternative investment universe. Many of these products are principal protected, which means that investors carry no risk of capital loss, and exposed only to highly credit worthy major financial institutions. All of the products are issued and guaranteed by mainly AA- or better rated financial institutions.

"One of our more successful recent offerings was a principal-protected note on a fund of hedge funds rated 'A' by SkyRank. Itís an attractive offering that has been extremely well received by the investor community. The SkyRank System is clearly the standard hedge fund rating system. The System simply rewards funds that successfully perform their primary function: reducing risk," commented Mr. Yair.

"I am so pleased to have teamed up with Ron. His expertise, creativity, and care for the client in this growing field are like nothing Iíve witnessed in the structured products and alternative investment business. I strongly endorse his work. Weíre both excited about the prospects for some very unique additional products in the near future."

Mr. Yair can be reached at RonYair@TRY-Inc.com, and Mr. Omansky can be reached at info@skyfundllc.com.

For more information, please visit http://www.skyranksystem.com/c5.html

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