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1/12/2007 - SkyRank Launches Extensive Hedge Fund Rating Service, Includes 6,000 Funds Using Morningstar Data

East Brunswick, NJ - 1/12/2007 - The SkyRankTM System of Hedge Fund Ratings is pleased to announce the release of its new hedge fund ratings subscription product which uses Morningstar'sR high quality hedge fund data. Over 6,000 hedge funds, funds of funds, and commodity trading advisors from Morningstar's hedge fund database are analyzed using SkyRank's Standard Hedge Fund Rating MethodologyTM. Up to 12 SkyRank ratings per fund and up to 50 data fields per fund are presented.

Free limited on-line access to the service is available, and full access to the 6,000 funds and all data fields is available for a small monthly fee. SkyRank provides its Absolute, Lettered, and Relative SkyRank Ratings which are further broken down into 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and Composite Ratings of all time periods for the funds, depending upon fund tenure. Returns, Volatility, Sharpe Ratio, email, fund website, fees, contact and administrative information, descriptions of funds, and the SkyRank ratings are just some of the fields available in the service.

"Developing the system and building the company over the past four years has been by far the most fun and rewarding experience of my career. We are so excited about this new release. This is an entirely unique service for the hedge fund community, providing a data and ratings co-mingled product," said Joseph Omansky, founder and owner of The SkyRank System.

SkyRank is made up of three related ratings. Absolute SkyRank is a quantitative rating ranging between 0 and 5 that goes out 16 decimal places. Lettered SkyRank translates the numerical rating into a letter ranging between A+ and E. Relative SkyRank compares a hedge fund to its peers. The SkyRank System, patent-pending, is entirely quantitative and based upon years of proprietary research. Currently the system analyzes assets under management, fund tenure, volatility and returns, and there are plans to integrate alternative risk measures in the near future. The System is flexible in nature and was created to mirror the changing hedge fund industry.

The first to rate hedge funds, SkyRank is now considered the standard in the industry. Detailed research has shown that applying SkyRank to a portfolio of funds significantly increases returns and decreases volatility of that portfolio. SkyRank is also available for license. Visitors can learn more about the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings by visiting www.skyranksystem.com.  

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