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1/16/2007 - The prominent global investor, Robert Barron, of Norfolk Island chooses SkyRank for his company's hedge fund rating and data needs.

East Brunswick, NJ - 1/16/2007 - The prominent global hedge fund investor, Robert Barron, of Norfolk Island today chose SkyRank for his company's hedge fund rating and data needs. "SkyRank is really working well for me. By ticking the boxes in the "Choose Fields of Display" I can select what I need to know about the funds. I can then bring up each fund category and quickly roll through the lists that inform me of the changing circumstances of each fund - at a glance. This may not sound much but it puts SkyRank miles ahead of all the other fund advisors. SkyRank wins by providing instant, uncluttered, accurate, information. Most other web sites become convoluted with blogs and advertisements." The SkyRankTM System, automates analysis of hedge funds in a single functional computation. A unique formula-generating system reveals a simple rating to the investor in three forms: Absolute SkyRank, Lettered SkyRank and Relative SkyRank over three time periods, 1 Year, 3 Year, and 5 Years. The Composite SkyRank Rating is a weighted average of the three SkyRank Time Periods applying more importance to more recent return and volatility data. The SkyRank System evaluates assets, time, volatility and returns to reward hedge funds that are established, credible, and consistent performers, demonstrated by their ability to exploit market inefficiencies. With 7000+ funds and up to 12 ratings per fund, SkyRank provides the most complete ratings analysis in the industry.  


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